Essential Oil Roller

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About Sleep Roller

Containing chamomile and lavender, this blend promotes relaxation, tranquility and settles the mind before bed for a deep and restful night’s sleep

About Calm Roller

This uplifting blend improves mood, reduces anxiety and creates an overall sense of well-being and inner peace

About Focus Roller

Invigorate your mind and boost your focus, clarity, and concentration. This centering blend can stimulate the mind, improve memory and help you stay focused and on task

About Breathe Easy Roller

A powerhouse blend of oils including eucalyptus and camphor known for their therapeutic abilities to clear the airways, reduce inflammation, and relieve cold and flu symptoms

About Tummy Roller

This blend combines oils such as ginger and fennel to provide digestive relief from discomforts such as nausea, cramps, upset stomach, bloating and colic

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