Shipping Policies


Aggregate Shipping Policies

Untracked Standard Shipping (Canada Post LetterMail)

Due to the small, lightweight nature of our products and packaging, some items are eligible to ship through Canada Post as oversized lettermail. While this is a lower cost option, it’s important that you understand the processes around selecting this as your shipping method.  

Allow us to explain!

Oversized LetterMail is an untracked option, meaning that once it leaves our shop, we have no way of knowing it’s whereabouts and as such will be unable to provide that information to you. There are no delivery date guarantees, and it can take anywhere from 3-25 days before receipt depending on the shipping destination and the current volume of shipments and mail being managed by Canada Post.

This is an option selected at the customer’s discretion. Aggregate cannot provide guarantee on your shipments arrival date or replacement insurance if your item is lost. This means that, if your shipment is lost using LetterMail service,  Aggregate will not issue a replacement or refund. You are accepting the risks of this delivery method when you finalize your order.

Tracked Parcels

Standard and Expedited Shipments are sent with tracking information, ensure guarantee receipt of your items (or replacement/refund provided by Aggregate) and adhere to all current processing timelines issued by Canada Post.

Additional Information Applicable to all shipped orders:
The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and the rates provided are from Canada Post. We cannot guarantee a delivery date and the tracking information you will receive by email is the best source of information regarding your package. Once your package is shipped, we do not have the ability to retrieve it from Canada Post, alter the shipping method, or add extra items to your order.